Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How can I deposit my cryptos to Tesseract Investment?

BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, BAB, ETC, ZRX DEPOSIT If you are a new customer, after getting your account verified, you will immediately be taken to your account page which has the deposit information on it. If you have already made a deposit to Tesseract Investment, you can submit a deposit request in Accounts > Wallets > Deposits.

  • Click “Deposit” ETH (or your chosen coin).
  • Click “Copy” to copy the deposit address to clipboard or scan with mobile wallet app.
Once you have made your first deposit, you will get access to the investor portal (Transactions tab) where you can view your account and see the performance of your coins. A successful deposit should look like this:
  • It is estimated to take 12-24 hours for the first interest payment to show up on your portfolio. Please don't save the deposit address and always separately check the deposit address to be used on the Tesseract Investment web app.
  • All of our supported currencies and tokens can be found from here.
OTHER COINS (BTG, EDO, ETP, IOTA, XRP, OMG, ETP, BSV, EOS, NEO, SAN, USDt, UST.) If you hold these cryptocurrency coins, please send deposit request of your coins by clicking “Request for Other Coins” in the same tab. You can also send a message to us at to receive a deposit address.


How can I withdraw my cryptocurrency ?

Users can submit a withdrawal request in Accounts > Withdrawals > Request a Withdrawal.

  • Click "Withdraw ETH" (or your chosen coin). Then enter your wallet address and the amount you wish to withdraw;
  • Ensure the Withdrawal amount is more that 20 USD equivalent;
  • Note: You cannot withdraw "pledged" funds from Tesseract promotional campaigns
  • Click Continue;
  • You will now need to verify your Withdrawal request using 2-step verification (2FA);
  • In case you do not have 2FA code, there is a link to set it up. Click "I don't have a code" and the screen will display a QR code which you can scan with Google Authenticator or a similar app.
  • If you need to reset the 2FA code (e.g. change/lost the phone), please send an email to Please note that this would require us to verify your ID document before resetting the 2FA. If you haven't completed the KYC form, you will be required to send us a scan of your ID document/passport for security control.
  • BE SURE to make a backup of the QR code or the text key and store it securely in case you loose your mobile device.
A successful withdrawal request should look like this:
  • Verification Email: You will receive a verification email shortly after you submit your withdrawal request. You must verify the withdrawal using the link in the email.
  • Note : The email link will expire after 3 hours and the withdrawal will be cancelled;
  • If you do not receive this email, please also check your spam /junk mail box in or contact us
What happens next ? As soon as a withdrawal request is made, interest generation on the withdrawal amount will stop.
  • We aim to process withdrawals within 48 to 72 hours of the request, faster if we can.
  • The withdrawal process can take up to 30 days
Please note that we are NOT a wallet service , your coins are typically always out on loan so do not expect a withdrawal will be processed within a few hours of request. More information about withdrawal fees here.

General Questions

What are the supported cryptocurrencies?

At the moment, Tesseract Investment accepts BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, BAB, BSV, ETC, BTG, EDO, ETP, IOTA, XRP, OMG, ETP, BSV, EOS, NEO, SAN, UST. Users can deposit BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, ETC automatically from the Tesseract Investment account. If your favorite coin isn’t included on the list in your account, don’t worry.
You can send deposit request of your coins by clicking “Request for Other Coins” in the same tab. You can also send a message to us at to receive a deposit address, we always try to make our community happy.

How much can I earn from Tesseract Investment?

Here is a brief explanation of how much users can earn from Tesseract Investment. Our Historical Interest Rate Graph is a good indicator for users to estimate the earnings. To provide a rough idea, historically during 2017, returns on Bitfinex have been around 15% to 20% annually for Bitcoin. Rates vary all the time but our Loan bot aims at keeping your coins invested as much as possible.

Below are the two main sections of our Interest Rate Graph.

  1. The Rate + Volume Graph: on the left in the red box, which shows the interest rates (% P.A.) paid out on loans (this is what Tesseract Investment earns for its customers) in BitFinex as well as the volume of these margin loans. Please notice that the rates quoted on BitFinex are day rates, we annualize that by multiplying the raw day rate figure by 365 (12.5% per year is a lot easier to understand then 0.034% per day).
  2. The Token Selection Tiles: on the right in the yellow box, where you can select up to 4 tokens of interests at the same time on the graph.
(!) The historical interest rate is a GOOD indicator but it is not the BEST. Real life scenario is usually a bit more complicated. Say... Hypothetically, on the 1st of Nov, 2018, the current market rate for BTC loans is exactly 10% annualised. This means if we loan BTC out for a whole year at this rate, the return would be 10%. In reality, Tesseract Investment may loan out 100 BTC for 30 days. If the loan actually lasts 30 days, then the interest income would be 100 BTC x 10% /12 months which gives about 0.83 BTC as interest income. Now the complications come from two things: 1. the loans rarely last its full maturity (sometimes they last merely hours) 2. Because of this complication, your real return, in the end, is a series of loans given out at different rates and lasts as long as it does.

Does Tesseract Investment accept USD, EUR or any fiat currencies?

Yes! We support USD for both Tesseract Investment & OTC Desk at the moment. 💸 Tesseract Investment users can exchange any cryptocurrency (as long as we support it) to USD to capture the USD interest rate from here. For example, if you hold ETH, you can exchange ETH to USD by using our exchange feature, sit tight and enjoy USD interest paid daily to your wallet. Please note that Tesseract Investment does not support fiat withdrawal at the moment. If you would like to withdraw USD later, you can exchange to any other cryptocurrency supported by Tesseract Investment and withdraw those instead. Stay tuned for more information from us! For OTC Desk clients, please send a message to to receive information regarding USD lending.

Where does the interest come from?

Tesseract Investment deploys your capital to the Cryptocurrency lending markets for traders to borrow. In return, the traders will pay interest for the borrowed capital. Your capital is protected as the loans are collateralized by the traders in such a way that the cryptocurrency traders can lose everything while your investments through Tesseract Investment remain protected. This mechanism is known as “margin lending”. By providing this service to traders, you’re paid an interest rate for the time they have borrowed your currency. What’s even better is that as the lender, you are in control. That means you get to set your own terms for the loan, including your preferred interest rate. Plus, since the exchange or platform is acting as a middleman, there’s no risk of not getting your money back. The exchange is the overseer, and they simply will not allow traders to not honor their agreements. In the ideal scenario, as shown above, the trader will borrow funds from you, likely in a popular cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, and then make his trades. After reaching profitability, he’ll pay back the loan and interest to you, and then pocket the remainder of his profits earned using said capital for himself. What happens if the trader losses big time on their trades? If a trader does happen to make a bad play, that’s no concern of yours. Margin lending has built-in fail-safes which are meant to protect your capital. For starters, you can’t just get a loan with nothing to offer. Traders need to have a certain amount of their own cryptocurrency to use as collateral for the loan. This acts as a safety net if their trades don’t go as well as planned. Every loan agreement also has a liquidation level, and when that point is reached the trader will be forced to sell their holdings in order to preserve the capital of the lender. In our illustration above, you can see what happens when liquidation is triggered. Our trader has unfortunately taken a 15% loss, triggering a forced liquidation. The exchange returns the initial loan in full to the lender, and the trader also must pay the agreed upon interest rate.

Tesseract Investment is a service provider that works with you, the customer, and popular Cryptocurrency exchanges to facilitate Margin Lending. We are not a bank, a wallet or an Investment Fund.

Tesseract Investment Community

Great news! We are available on social media! :) TWITTER Tesseract Investment tweets regularly, follow us on Twitter. TELEGRAM GROUP Tesseract Investment has an active Telegram community where customers can ask questions and actively discuss the market. The Tesseract support team actively participates in Telegram discussions and you can also ask us questions directly.

How can I view the historical rates over last year?

We have 3 subsets of data available for viewing and all are completely FREE. Visitor: if you just stumble upon our site as a site visitor, you can view one-monthworth of data for all tokens at a 10-min interval. Registered user: with a Tesseract Investment account or being an API user, you can view three-months’ worth of data for all tokens at a 10-min interval. Registered deposit user: if you are a Tesseract saving account user, you can view twelve-months’ worth of data for all tokens at a 10-min interval.



How can I use the crypto-to-crypto exchange feature on Tesseract Investment platform?

Users can submit a conversion request in Accounts > Exchange.

  • Step 1: Pick the token you want to exchange from (“from”); the current annualised interest rates are also available for references
  • Step 2: Use the slider to finalize amount
  • Step 3: Pick token you want to exchange to (“to”);
  • Step 4: Click “Exchange” and voila it is done.
A few points:
  • The exchange capability is available for all tokens supported by Tesseract Investment. The full list can be found here;
  • No maximum limit on the transaction size of conversion but it should be at least €50 or equivalent;
  • The token conversion is valid (another way to say “settled”) instantly.

OTC Desk

What is a Tesseract OTC desk?

Account Verification

How can I get my account verified?

After signing up for a Tesseract Investment account, you will be immediately taken to the AML/KYC Onboarding page.

All Tesseract Investment clients are subjected to complete the KYC & CDD Application Form. Laws and regulations require us to verify your account by asking your identity and proof of address.

After submitting the form, our Compliance team might send a request for additional information to the email associated with your Tesseract account. Please kindly check your mailbox and reply to us duly.

If you want to open an OTC Desk account (individual/corporate), please contact to receive instruction.

Can I use Tesseract if I am …?

Tesseract welcomes all clients to open an account with us, with some exceptions due to international and local regulations.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send us a message to

User Restrictions:

- At the moment, Tesseract DOES NOT offer service to people of under 18 years old or residents of the following countries:

  • Algeria
  • Barbados
  • Belarus
  • Central African Republic
  • Chad
  • Congo
  • Curacao
  • Dominican Republic
  • Equatorial Guinea
  • Kiribati
  • Lao
  • Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
  • Malawai
  • Mauritania
  • Niger
  • North Korea
  • Saint Vincent and Grenadines
  • Samoa
  • Sao Tome and Principe
  • Sint Maarten
  • Sudan
  • Swaziland
  • Uruguay

What are the required documents for KYC & CDD Application Form?

All Tesseract individual clients have to submit two documents to the KYC & CDD Application Form:

1. ID Document (both sides of ID card/Passport scan):

From the valid documents issued by the Finnish authorities, the following are accepted:

  • A driving license issued to a Finnish citizen; a temporary driving license is invalid;

  • National identity card;

  • Passport, seaman's passport, diplomatic passport, alien's passport, refugee travel document;

  • Kela card with picture.

From valid documents issued by a foreign authority shall be accepted:

  • National passport issued by a foreign authority (MRZ must be visible);

  • National identity card issued as a travel document by the authorities of EEA, Switzerland or San Marino.

Note: We do not accept driving license from other authority except the Finnish one.

Please make sure that your ID photos/scan meet the image requirements.

2. Proof of Address

Please upload a scan of a bank/credit card statement or utility bill (e.g. electricity, gas, landline, water utility bills) issued within the last 3 months, containing the individual's full name and address.

For documents in non-Latin language (e.g. Russian, Chinese, Thai, etc), please attach a notarized translation of your proof of address to speed up the processing time.

What are the image requirements for ID/passport scan?

An acceptable ID/passport scan should:

  • Be original: Please do NOT photoshop: photoshopped photos are NOT acceptable for KYC verification

  • Be valid: Expired ID/passport is not eligible.

  • Be in png, jpg, jpeg, or pdf format.

  • Have the document number, MRZ (machine readable zone), photo and other content of the document (i.e. issuer, date of issue) clearly visible.

  • Have high resolution & well lit.

  • Have NO parts are covered or cut off in the photo.

  • Have NO watermark.

  • Have full color image: black & white scan is not acceptable.

Tips on taking good scan/photo?

If you use a camera to take a photo:

- Place the ID on a dark background.

- Adjust the lighting, using the flash is a bad idea. It’s better to take the photo in daytime to get enough natural lighting.

- Take the photo as directly above as possible.

If you use a scanner to create ID/passport scan:

- Place the ID in the middle of the scanner to make sure all four edges of the ID/passport visible.

Examples of good ID/Passport Scans:

Examples of unacceptable ID/Passport Scans: 1. Blurry scans 2. Cropped scans: All four edges of the document must be visible 3. Black & white scan

How long does account verification take?

Tesseract’s account verification process includes both automated checking and manual monitoring. Account verification processing times can vary depending on whether your information is sufficient or not. Please make sure that all uploaded documents meet our requirements to avoid delay.

Typically, the average processing time for an individual account is 2 to 5 working days.

If we experience a heavy influx of new users, the verification process might experience a delay.

If you think that the processing time is too long, please first check the email associated with your Tesseract account because we might need anything further from you. If not, you can send us a message to to update on the account status.

How can I update my account information (e.g. name change)?

Once you have submitted the KYC & CDD Application Form, you won’t be able to change the information anymore manually.

If you made a mistake when entering your name, address, date of birth, email, telephone number, please send a message to You might have to submit a new scan of required documents where applicable.

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